SAPELE, In Stock


     Pictured above is a mini Woody.  The body is 18" long (heel to tail) instead of the usual 20 1/2"​.   Made of Flame Maple with a Sitka spruce top. The guitar has a nice, warm sound and it is easy to play. This is a very nice little guitar. $1,200. (custom order)

ROSEWOOD, CustomOrder

ROSEWOOD DREADNOUGHT w/ Cutaway (Custom Order, $1,800)

     Woody always has guitars and mandolins in the works.  If interested or have questions, email...


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ROSEWOOD DREADNOUGHT w/o Cutaway (Custom Order, $1,600)

MINI​Custom Order

     This guitar pictured here is made of Sapele and German spruce.  It has a maple-bound fretboard with teardrop inlay for position markers. This is a fine guitar, with a big, bluesy sound.  $1,500. (one in stock)