ROSEWOOD Dreadnought w/ Cutaway (Custom Order, $2,100)

     Woody always has guitars and mandolins in the works.  Right now there are several instruments in the shop that are finished, or will be completed by July 4th.  Two of these guitars will be discounted 25% due to minor cosmetic flaws.
       Layaway and/or custom orders should be placed by the end of September for Christmas is always an option. If interested or have questions, email...


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SAPELE, In Stock


     Pictured above is a mini Woody.  The body is 18" long (heel to tail) instead of the usual 20 1/2"​.   Made of Flame Maple with a Sitka spruce top. The guitar has a nice, warm sound and it is easy to play. This is a very nice little guitar. $1,350. (custom order)

​​​​​Custom Order Guitars and Mandolins

__Spruce Tops  

       Sitka, Adirondack, Englemann, etc.

__Back and Sides

       Mahogany, Rosewood, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Padauk (or the pricier exotic wood of your choice). All solid wood.


       Three to six months generally, it varies with the availability of the more exotic, or highly figured wood.


       Starting about $1,200 for new, custom built.

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​​Repair and Restoration

__WoodyStrings does Serious Repair and/or Restoration of string instruments of all kinds... minimum project $250*.


*There are lots of shops that can service your set up and minor repair requirements. Woody's shop is equipped for major damage restoration and refinishing.

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Richmond, VA

ROSEWOOD Dreadnought, CustomOrder

MINI​Custom Order

SAPELE, In Stock

     The guitar pictured here is made of Sapele and German spruce.  It has a maple-bound fretboard with teardrop inlay for position markers. This is a fine guitar, with a big, bluesy sound.  $1,500. (one in stock)

ROSEWOOD Dreadnought w/o Cutaway (Custom Order, $1,800)