Neck Rough Out 

Joining the Top    

     That ought to be enough to think about for one week. Each week for the next six weeks I will post photos of the demos to be presented in class the following week.  That way the students can see new information and formulate questions before the next class.

     We will see...  The only thing that I can guarantee is that Woody will enjoy talking about his passion for building.  Hopefully, the students will too.

September, 2017

  • LLI Guitar Building Classes

     The Luthier's Journal is temporarily adopting a new format as Woody begins to teach a 6-week class in guitar making. During this class, postings will be made weekly prior to the class.  The first posting will be October 3rd.

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Luthier's Journal/2017/Guitar Building Class 1.

Rosette Glue Up and Inlay    

​First Week In-Class Demos