Walnut and Engelmann Spruce; Sapele neck

Newly polished...last month's rebuilt and re-finished Gibson archtop.

The Woody Shed... summer home of Woody Strings.

Continuing Work:

     As the result of two classes this past winter, there have been two guitar bodies hanging around the shop that need necks and fretboards. 

     Also, as part of the classes, a few mahogany necks were roughed together. Last week Woody decided that it was time to join the necks and bodies.

     Now I've got a couple of roughed-out necks dovetailed to a couple of mostly-finished bodies. That's progress.

Very handy pieces of equipment. StewMac buffer and gravity gun from The Eastwood Company.


     A number of people have asked me to teach guitar building. It would be very restricting, however, to have others working in my home shop.  So, I hope, this summer to set up a complete guitar building work station (or two) in the Woody Shed.

     The Woody School... how about that?  One work bench is ready and another is in the works.  It will be good to have other people around to talk luthiery. The one to learn the most will, undoubtedly, be Woody.


     More on this later.

     It happens every May. Finally, spring is here and it becomes hard to stay indoors. So, this year I planned a full slate of finishing projects which force me to clean out and move into the Woody Shed (finishing shop). I bought a new spray gun and it works great and I've been very conscientious about keeping it clean... which is the key to having it work great.

     All of this involves airborne chemicals that I do not want in my home ventilation system. Thus, the Woody Shed.

Padauk and Adirondack Spruce; Sapele neck

The Woody Shed spray booth... sort of.

May, 2018

​Finish '72 Gibson L-50

Finishing Equipment

Sapele Neck

Woody School