June, 2018

     Woody School Starts


June, 2018

     The Woody School of Luthiery is underway. One student, 10 hours a week. So far, so good. Often, it's easier to do than it is to explain.

  The plan is to have 30 after-work sessions of 3 hours each...Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Woody sets up and demonstrates the work of the day, and then assists the student in execution of the same steps in building his own guitar.  We expect to complete the course by September 1st.

     As far as planning goes, it's hard to predict how long the student will take to complete the task of the day. We only have 3 hours so we can't waste any time.

     So far, we've met 8 times and we have the back and the top complete, including the rosette and all of the bracing. Today we started bending sides. Mr Student will have no bending machine at his home shop, so today we first had a lesson in bending the old-fashioned way (hot copper pipe), and then we had a lesson in using the LMI bending machine. The rest of the week we will be gluing in blocks and lining. 

     Not bad for only 25 hours into the course.

More Later... Woody