Woody didn't expect so much activity in the shop in June... what a surprise.  The long story made short is that I signed up to teach a guitar-making class in the Fall. The impact on the Woody Strings shop activity has been very interesting...lots more photos and prep for explaining and demonstrating. Building two guitars basically. One to show how the parts are made, and the second guitar to show how parts are assembled.

     The class will be given in a classroom setting...demonstrations pose the biggest challenge. Woody will temporarily equip the classroom with the tools and workbench for simple demonstrations... wood bending, rosette creation and inlay, fretting, binding, etc.  Participants will observe and ask questions, only Woody will handle the sharps, clamps and glue. Just six meetings, an hour and a half class each week for 6 weeks. Lots of useful information for the home-shop guitar builder...and it's free for seniors. This should be interesting. 

June, 2017

(Photos Only)

     New Guitar Start

     Bracing, Neck, Box, Bent Sides, Rosette

​​This should be interesting. More next month...