July, 2017

  • Woodcraft Supply Demo

If you have questions regarding home-shop guitar building... maybe Woody can help answer them.

    email: Woody@woodystrings.com

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     It looks like July is setting up Woody for January.  This was not expected, but it's a good thing.  In trying to have a local discussion of lutherie, and its many parts, Woody has offered to teach a class... and now two classes... this winter.  Most of the explanations and visuals used in the class will be posted here between September and Thanksgiving. 

     Currently, I am tasked with preparing shop demonstrations for the class. We should be careful what we wish for.  The idea is to see if the Richmond area has any interest in sharing lutherie experiences. There were 25 people at Woody's 90-minute, guitar building presentation. The presentation was held this past Saturday at Woodcraft Supply here in Richmond.  That was a very interesting 90 minutes.

     While Woody is now assembling materials for two classes, there is also the summer to be enjoyed outdoors... like spray and touch up finishing projects...  and swimming a few days each week. All the while, indoors, there is a dreadnought guitar being assembled in the background.

   Photos: Things that Woody presented for discussion at Woodcraft Supply on Saturday.