I wonder if it can peel a banana.

​     That's a very interesting tool.

​​January, 2018

Gina Gets Married (Woody is pre-occupied)

  • ​​​Photos of new CNC


January, 2018

     Woody has been playing with his CNC Christmas gift.    

​Next Wave Automation    CNC Shark II

​     ​Congratulations to Gina and Rob on getting married (Jan 12, 2018)

           Hope everyone enjoys Cancun!

Shark II

     Pictured here is the Shark II which is large enough to operate on a Dreadnought guitar while the guitar is fully assembled... i.e. cut fretboard inlays in situ (as they say in the more scientific journals).

    The challenge is to learn the software... V-Carve comes with numerous excellent video tutorials. There's a lot to learn.