Overview​:     TODAY (Class 3, Oct 26th) we took a look at the design and use of the guitar mold. Also, we discussed the rib assembly with the top and back. Demonstration included the installation of the linings and side reinforcement strips (rebars).  ​​    

     Class 3, Oct 26th, we have completed the first half of the class.  The guitar that we are building will be half complete before the next class. The Box with Bindings, pictured above and built last winter, shows the end point for the first half of our guitar, i.e., enclosed with bindings installed.

     There is much to be executed before next week's class.  The postings for weeks 4, 5, and 6 will focus on the dovetail joint, shaping the neck, installing the frets, the fretboard and tuners. Setting up the instrument for playing is the final class. Hopefully at Woody Strings.

Guitar Building Class 3        October 26, 2017

Class Overview


     The Guitar Mold

     Kerfed Linings

     Routing for the Bindings 

     The guitar MOLD class went quite well today.  More later...