In class we used the LMI bending machine to bend a practice mahogany side.  Mahogany is such a gracious wood... 260 degrees, about 15 minutes then I let it cool down slowly.  After the class, when I had the bending machine back at the wJs shop, I took the bent side out of the machine. No surprises. The moisture we put into the aluminum envelope caused the grain to raise (as always). After the bent side went into the holding fixture below, I lightly scraped, cleaned and smoothed the surface.​

Guitar Building Class 2        October 19, 2017

Class Overview


     Rosette Inlay

     Bending Sides and Bindings

     Manufacturing, Laying out and Gluing Braces 

Next Week's Class:

     See Luthier's Journal/2017/Guitar Building Class 3 for a preview of next week's class.

No man walks around Rome in a single day...

           ...unless he's catching a train to Florence.

Overview:  In today's Guitar Building Class 2 Woody demonstrated a method for routing and inlaying a rosette. After the rosette inlay glue dried back at the wJs shop, the top went through the thickness sander to flush the surface of the rosette with the soundboard. Then the soundboard was turned over and run through the thickness sander to reduce the thickness of the joined plates to a consistent 0.120" (3mm). In class, the thickness and surfacing process was explained in detail slides.

     Woody showed his plexiglass brace-layout template (not shown here). We also discussed how cross braces can be cut on a band saw.