Next month at this time baseball will begin for real.



     The short month is over, no excuses now. 

     CNC magic... Routing an old guitar for custom fretboard inlays.

in 45 minutes.

and Rosettes...

    2 x 4 bench-top fixture to hold the guitar body while Woody miters and inlays the tail strip.

February, 2018

CNC and New Beginnings

  • ​​​CNC Inlays

  • Tail Strip

  • Necks

  • First Mini

  • Clamps

  • Shots around the Shop

     Guitar leveling fixture made of common hardware and wood.                     

     Simple but effective.

​​​     Building some necks...

...and Inlays...

     Woody's next class is about 

                   Old Faithful...

1975 Versa Vise.  If you ever see one of these at a yard or estate sale... buy it!