December, 2017

  • Claro Walnut

  • Padauk

  • Christmas CNC

     Woody got a new toy for Christmas​. Now learning to program it. (VCarve)  Any constructive ideas for learning the software would be more than welcome ( 

     Beginning videos are tedius to watch several times. By spring, Woody should be able to cut a paisley layout with the new machine.

​​ Jan 7    Leavng now to put another log in the stove, then learn some VCarve... building two guitars right now, a Walnut Dread, and a Padauk Dread.

     Woody has volunteered to teach another introductory home-shop guitar building class. Last semester was much fun and very productive.

     See you in February... Woody

     Today is January 6...and so ends another eating season.  Fortunately, my wife considers this to be cooking season. Having a warm belly is something to be thankful for.  It has been so cold that it's been difficult to keep Woody Strings warm (the shop).