Below are a few photos that sum up April in the shop. 

     It's getting to be that time of year where Woody must engage in those maintenance activities around the shop which is, incidentally, also my home. These non-luthier activities include the usual yard and home projects that every home owner deals with in the spring. What I'm trying to say is that Woody's luthier business was light in happens every year.

     April has, therefore, been a month of planning and getting things started. In another month or two, a large part of the day will be too hot to work outdoors.  It is then that I will be able to get back to full-time in the shop. 

     In Richmond, the summer begins in May and lasts (sometimes) thru September.  I have several refinishing projects that have been waiting for warm weather.  Woody will begin stripping and spraying lacquer in the next few weeks.  More on that and new guitar building projects next month. 

     Interesting stuff next month, hope you will visit again.


April, 2017

     Finished Mandolin

     New Guitar Fretboard

          MOP Position Markers


     Repair: Cracked Finishes