Woody Strings is the registered trademark and name of a small workshop for stringed instrument building and repair since 1976. During many of those years, lutherie was the owner's trade and profession, servicing amateurs and professionals alike (in another city, way out West). Woody Strings is not a person but the nickname of the luthier and owner of Woody Strings... Joe Lenzi.

     Building stringed instruments is a passion not a profit these days. The objective is to produce instruments that will find their way into the hands of people who enjoy making home-made music. That's why Woody (Joe) gives discounts to adults who make music with their children. 

    If you're thinking about an affordable solid-wood guitar or mandolin, hand-made for your style and preferences, you really ought to contact Woody Strings. Perhaps a half-dozen instruments will come out of Woody's shop this year.