Woody Strings is Liquidating

      Woody is 72 years old and just about ready to retire from luthiery. I am planning to sell my entire Woody Strings shop. In the shop there is enough wood to build about 40 guitars; 35 mandolins; 6 violins and all of the tools and equipment that you have seen on these pages...plus 6 or 8 finished dreadnought guitars and a complete set of guitar repair tools and supplies. Before exclusively building custom guitars and mandolins, Woody made a living as a string-instrument repairman for 15 years.

      In the June, 2020 Luthier's Journal begins to document the process of building a guitar in a home shop one last time. By the end of 2020 I hope to have recorded a comprehensive overview of Woody Strings... the shop, the tools and machines, the fixtures... everything.


     If you would like more information regarding the liquidation of Woody Strings, contact me (Woody) at:



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In the photo above:

Top: Straight plank of mahogany neck stock

Middle: Arm and built-up heel blocks assembled

Bottom: Headstock scarfed from the end of the arm and turned over to be glued to the top of the scarf.

In the photo below:

     The scarf joint is cut and the headstock is glued under the arm of the neck. This is how Woody learned to do it from Charles Fox back in 1976. He has tried both ways and has found that there is no substantial difference...except in the layout of the scarf on the neck stock, which is very different.


     In this presentation, the dimensions and discussion of building the guitar neck assumes that the headstock is glued up as shown below, i.e. under the arm. The location of the nut and the scarf is entirely based on this choice.